qcor overviewWelcome to the “Software Stack and Algorithms for Automating Quantum-Classical Computing” project. It is the home of QCOR: a programming language and a compiler for the heterogeneous quantum-classical model of computation. We are a multidisciplinary team of computer scientists, applied mathematicians, scientific application domain experts, and quantum computing researchers.

We are funded by DOE ASCR EXPRESS Quantum Computing Applications Teams (QCAT) research program to develop an open-source algorithm and software stack that will automate the process of designing, executing, and analyzing the results of quantum algorithms, thus enabling new discovery across scientific domains. Prompted by limitations on algorithms and models of computation imposed by available and near-term quantum hardware – noisy quantum gates, limited qubit connectivity, and short circuit depth to name a few – we focus the stack on implementing a hybrid quantum-classical model of computation for various types of quantum hardware with particular emphasis on scientific applications in quantum field theory, nuclear physics, condensed matter, and quantum machine learning.

This project is a collaboration between Oak Ridge National Lab, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, Georgetown University, University of Southern California, University of Maryland, and Pacific Northwest National Lab. Our objectives are: